Men to Avoid

Do you ever wonder why you're still single? When you’re a 10/10, fun, fabulous  got a bombass personality and a cute ass?

Well at least that's what your friends tell you. Dating in this day and age can be difficult, difficult being an understatement. It is safe to say chivalry is actually dead. Although with the death of Chivalry came the creation of the dating App, or as some would say the end of human connections. The fact that we are communicating more through social media and apps really sucks. We personally think it has killed the dating scene.  

Some men can sweep you off your feet and have you hooked from the get go, and before you know it you're in love, you want to invest everything and spend the rest of your life with them. But Ladies, before you fall head over heels in love, you might want to take a step back and read the warning signs as he may not actually be  Mr. right although  Mr. right now.  This kinda of men will make you fall in love only to break you heart In the end and they will make you go psycho. You don’t want to be that angry psycho woman.

Lets not deny it, We've all sat down with the squad and had an utter and complete breakdown and asked "why hasn't he messaged me" or "why is he such

an a**" and yelled "all men are the same!" We are guilty of doing this, In contradiction while we think Men are all the same, we know there are some good ones out there but for now, here are the different types of men we've encountered and should stay away from.

The Emotionally Unavailable:

He dates you but never makes it official and he claims he's not ready for a committed relationship for whatever reasons

e.g. " I'm still trying to find myself" we've all heard that one before hmmmm. Girl, you don't wait around for anyone, even if he is Channing Tatum, this man is just a waste of time and effort.

The Social Media Creeper:

I'm 100% sure every girl has that one guy who slides into their DMs and has asked to hang everyday and although you never respond he never gives up, got to give it to him though, that's an A for consistency , but seriously eww As if!

The asker but not a do-er:

This guy asks you out but when it comes to the day, you never hear from him or he just completely ghosts you,  Like make up you mind geez. And even worse the following weekend he appears again, asks you out you get your hopes up and BAM you don't hear from him.. This kind of guy needs to be blocked- Trust me honey he aint changing, your response is actually an ego boost for him.

The Bad boy:

Is the bad boy still a thing ? unfortunately yes they still are and I don't think we'll ever get rid of them. This boy will sweep you off your feet. As soon as you hear he drives a motorcycle, has a couple tattoos and may or may not have been involved in some "illegal activities"  you wont be able to help yourself. Trust me though, if this boy is willing to break the law, he'll be willing to break your heart.

The Cheater:

This one is the worst out of all them, These are the type of men who are in a relationship but are unfaithful. If you ever find yourself in a relationship

with a cheater or talking to someone who's in relationship get out of the situation!!  End the relationship or Leave him. Trust me you don't want to be "the other girl" either. Being cheated on or waiting for someone to end things with their other half is an awful feeling and depressing, it definitely is not worth the heartache. 

The Clinger:

As much as we want for our man to be obsessed with us, there is a certain level of "obsessed" us women can tolerate. Clingy guys are annoying AF! #soznotsoz  The guy who messages/call you 24/7 to see what you're doing even though you've already told them hundreds times, wants to hangout all the time, want to share everything with you like Facebook account, yikes !   This is too much, it's only going to push us away.

The Immature :

I know adult life can be very hard and we want to have fun every now and then and that is totally okay but at some point in life we do have to grow up be responsible. Immature men are just a no go when you're trying to adult, they will bring you down and you will never get anything done when

you're with them.

The dating scene can be really tough and finding Mr Right can be beyond difficult. Just beware of these men, they will break your heart, frustrates the living day light out of you and will definitely not give you the happily ever after you're looking for.