10 Movies to watch this Halloween

There’s nothing like a halloween movie night filled with all the frightening, thrilling, spell binding and hair- raising to get you in the spooky spirit. We’ve listed 10 Halloween movies you can watch for a scary night evening in.

Beetle juice

A couple who are recently deceased, ghost haunts their former home to get rid of the new owner, as they fail to do so, they contact Betelgeuse, an obnoxious and devious bio-exorcist.


A year after the murder of her mother, a teenage girl is terrorised by a new killer. This clever yet scary slasher movie is a classic and a fan favourite year after year.

Hocus Pocus


The child hungry Sanderson witches are accidentally resurrected by a teenage boy, his little sister and his crush to a modern day Salem, as they wreak havoc. The trio must find a way to stop them.


Michael Myers escape the mental intuition and sets out to find and kill the last member of the family, his sister and kills anyone that gets in his way.

Mean Girls

Not exactly a scary movie but it definitely earned it spots for a classic Halloween movie, featuring some iconic Halloween scenes.

A Nightmare on Elm street

A teenager must stay awake at any cost to avoid a getting murdered in her sleep by a killer name Freddy Kruger.

The Haunted Mansion

A Disney movie starring Eddy Murphy, where him and his family get trapped in a haunted mansion due to a case of mistaken identity.

Fright night

When a teenager claims his new next door neighbour is a vampire no one believes him. He then finds a horror actor to help him solve neighbourhood crisis.

The Addams Family

Consider this a perfect comedic Halloween movie if you’re not really into a a scary movie. The film focuses on bizarre, macabre and aristocratic family who reconnects with what they believe their long lost uncle.

Friday the 13th

At camp crystal lake, a group of people camps and get stalks by assailant brutal killer. As they’re slashed, stabbed and shot, they struggle to stay alive against a merciless opponent.